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Deanston Virgin Oak

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When in 1965, the cotton mill of Deanston town closed for good, it seemed the community’s days of trading were over. Enter Brodie Hepburn and his entrepreneurial partners. Seeing potential, where others only saw challenges, the industrious consortium identified a new use for the building, lade, and weaving shed. And so, in 1966, Deanston Distillery opened for business, with the very first bottle of Deanston produced 8 years later, in 1974.Our founders saw opportunity and took it. We honour them today by taking opportunities where we see them. Opportunities to make great, unique whiskies. We applaud those who live life with the same industriousness, and champion those brave enough to make their own way in the world. Those that make something, and believe in something.

Bottle Size: 750ml