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Liefmans Goudenband 375ml

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The original name of this beer was IJzerenband (Iron Band). It used to be categorised as a 'provisie-bier' – a beer for storage – as it was slightly heavier in density and alcohol than the Oud Bruin, and matured longer 'in-bottle' at the brewery. People would purchase it to lay down in their cellars, and then bring it out on special occasions.
The current Liefmans Goudenband (Gold Band) is even stronger – and somewhat more complex. It is far from easy to produce a sour beer with as high an alcohol content as this one. That's because the high alcohol percentage slows down the bacteria.
But it's worth the wait. As the beer spends longer maturing, it gains a beautifully balanced fruitiness. The legendary Rosa Merckx says of it that “the Liefmans Goudenband is a great example of a beer that matures well in the tank, thanks to its acidity and a low pH”.
So Liefmans Goudenband is a beer to stimulate the senses on all levels. With its deep brown colour, it looks beautiful in the glass. Taste it and you will be enveloped in a wealth of tastes and aromas.
Thanks to its mixed fermentation, the beer has a complex aroma, almost reminiscent of wood. All of which contributes to making this beer a shining example of tradition and craftsmanship.