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Brewery focus: Devils Peak Brewery - Mothercity Liquor

Brewery focus: Devils Peak Brewery

The craft beer revolution and the inception of Devils Peak Brewery both happened in 2012 and that is no coincidence. While Richard and Frankie walked us through the 8000 square meter facility they told us the story of Devils Peak. The First Light Amber Ale and Kings Blockhouse IPA were the first beers to be made by the brewing company. Owner JC Steyn wanted to introduce South Africans to a new, differently styled beer. Interestingly enough, Van Hunks in Kloof Street and Banana Jam in Kenilworth were the first places that stocked the Devils Peak brews. 

Starting with a humble 500L tank, JC quickly realised that the demand for his craft brews was far larger than what he was producing. The upgrade to the old 1500L Paulaner brewhouse was the next step in the Devils Peak journey. If you’ve ever visited their taproom in Salt River you’ll know exactly which brewhouse I am talking about. Knowing the taproom and seeing the new Devils Peak facility just shows the key role they have played in changing the beer landscape in South Africa. The growth experienced is a direct result from it. 

In the same way that we saw the shift from bottles to cans at Woodstock Brewery (read blog), the same is observed at Devils Peak. While touring the facility we got to see the team assembling their new canning line so stay tuned for what's to come! If you’re looking for the freshest beer, the closest thing you can get to beer straight from the brewery is in a can. 

We finally made our way to what I feel is the most exciting area of the brewery - the barrel aging facility. This exploration programme pushes the boundaries of what beer can and should be. The purpose of the facility is to educate South Africans on what beers can be and do. All of the limited edition brews like Juicy Lucy, Black Beauty and Secret Agent are made in the area. Some beers have been aging in the barrels since 2017. It really is a labour of love. 

Okay! The best part! The tasting!  

Devils Peak Hero Twist of Citrus


Hero with a twist of citrus

The beer is flavourful. This beer proves that you can have a brew with no alcohol without compromising on the taste. Different to other non-alcoholic beers on the market, hero with a twist is brewed not to have alcohol instead of dealcoholising it. 



Devils Peak Lite Lager


Lite Lager

Can you believe it? The Devils Peak Lite has less calories than an apple! This beer has less than 1g of carbohydrates and only 88 calories. It’s basically impossible to feel guilty while drinking this beer. 



Devils Peak Lager



This 4% ABV lager is crisp with low bitterness. Nice and easy drinking, this sessionable brew is proof that if you don’t compromise on quality ingredients and don’t take shortcuts, you produce great beer. 




Devils Peak First Light


First Light Amber Ale

This golden ale is known as the gateway drug to craft beer. According to Richard, if you drink enough of this beer you will grow a beard, wear a checkered shirt and will start talking about hops. The beer is easy drinking and full of flavour. 



Devils Peak Good Hope Pale Ale


Good Hope Pale Ale

Bursting with flavours of oranges and melons, this beer is everything you’d expect from a pale ale. Not as heavy as most pale ales. The fact that it’s got a 4% ABV makes the beer sessionable. 



Devils Peak Kings Blockhouse IPA


Kings Blockhouse IPA 

The second ever beer made by Devils Peak, this one is packed with flavour. Flavours of citrus, passion fruit, mango and papaya fill the palate. 




Devils Peak Kings Blockhouse grapefruit


Kings Blockhouse Grapefruit IPA

All the goodness of the Kings Blockhouse with an extra kick of grapefruit. The hops are increased slightly to highlight the grapefruit flavour. 




One thing I can say for certain is that Devils Peak is showing craft beer isn’t expensive. It is accessible and consistent. To shop the Devils Peak range you can click here

Devils Peak tasting box


We've put together a tasting box filled with all of the above mentioned Devils Peak brews as well as 2 limited edition beers. Grab a box, have a taste of the different and find your favourite. Shop here. 

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