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A deeper look at Don Julio Tequila - Mothercity Liquor

A deeper look at Don Julio Tequila

We've all seen the rise of Tequila in recent years, from Reposado to Extra Anejo and even tequila based cocktails! One of the world's favourite brands is Don Julio and they too have seen massive growth and demand. We've decided it's time to take a look into why Tequila and Don Julio specifically has seen such massive growth.

Let's start at the beginning, with Agave of course. Agave is the plant used to produce tequila, and there have been several years of low agave harvests due to factors such as climate change, disease, and overplanting. This has led to a decrease in the supply of agave and an increase in its price, making it more challenging for tequila distillers to source enough agave to meet demand.

Tequila also has very strict regulatory constraints: Tequila must be produced in specific regions of Mexico, and there are regulatory constraints on the production, aging, and labeling of the spirit. These regulations limit the amount of tequila that can be produced and sold, further exacerbating the shortage.
These are the two biggest factors limiting tequila production and causing shortages of the liquid. Now let's take a look at the reason behind the increased demand.

Number 1 - Millennial's! Tequila has become increasingly popular among millennials, who are more likely to choose spirits that are perceived as authentic and have a unique story. This has led to a surge in demand for premium tequilas, which are often made from high-quality agave plants and have unique production processes and flavors.

Reason number 2, Shifts in Drinking Culture: There has been a shift in drinking culture over the past decade, with consumers moving away from traditional spirits such as vodka and toward more unique and flavorful options. Tequila fits this trend perfectly, with its distinctive flavor profile and broad range of styles and expressions.

Quality plays a massive part too, Tequila has long had a reputation as a party drink, but this perception has started to shift as consumers become more interested in high-quality spirits. Many tequila producers have responded to this by producing premium tequilas that are aged for longer periods, using only the highest quality agave, and are crafted using traditional methods handed down from generation to generation.

Finally, tequila has become a popular ingredient in cocktails, with bartenders and mixologists experimenting with new and innovative recipes that showcase the spirit's unique flavor profile. This has helped to raise the profile of tequila among consumers and increase its demand as a versatile and flavorful spirit. 
Now that we know the basics, let's get into Don Julio!

Starting with quality, Don Julio Tequila is made from high-quality blue weber agave grown in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico and is double distilled, giving it a smooth taste and finish.

The aging Process, Don Julio offers a range of tequilas that have been aged for different lengths of time in different types of barrels, including American oak, French oak, Spanish sherry casks and even Ruby Port wine casks.
Innovation! interesting fact - Don Julio was one of the first brands to introduce "anejo claro" or clear aged tequila, which has been aged for 18 months but filtered to remove color.

Finally, Brand Reputation, Don Julio has been recognized for its quality and innovation, winning numerous awards and accolades over the years increasing the trust and credibility with consumers across the globe.
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