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Glenfiddich Grand Yozakura 29 Year Old - Mothercity Liquor

Glenfiddich Grand Yozakura 29 Year Old

Glenfiddich Grand Yozakura 29 Year Old is a new and exclusive expression from The Glenfiddich distillery. Matured in American and European oak casks and then finished in rare Japanese Awamori  casks for six months. It is the latest edition to be added to the Family-run distillery's prestigious collection of aged single malts in The Grand Series.The Glenfiddich Grand Series Single Malt Scotch Whiskies

What's so special about The Glenfiddich Yozakura?

Glenfiddich is the World's most awarded single malt whisky. This Yozakura release has been aged for 29 years, finished in exceptionally rare Awamori casks that have been meticulously sourced. Glenfiddich Yozakura is the first Single Malt Scotch Whisky to be finished in ex-Awamori oak casks. This experimental collision brings together tastes of the finest liquids from Scotland and Japan to bring a once-off experience. The rarity  of both liquid and cask in this marriage of cultures encompasses the ethos of The Grand Series - exquisite experimentation. Only 25 Awamori Casks were used to create this release, which is the first limited edition expression to sit within the Grand Series.

What is Awamori?

Awamori is the oldest distilled spirit in Japan, it is made using long grain indica rice. Made in Okinawa, a 100km long string of islands to the far south of Japan. It has it's own geographical identity and regional character. Awamori is prevalent across Asia and it is traditionally stored in clay pots and matured in oak casks. Awamori cask ageing is rare and a niche category and only produced in small quantities. One of the features of Awamori is its sweet smell, almost like vanilla or caramel. Especially in aged Awamori which has a sweet and mellow taste.

How does the Awamori cask finish alter the flavour profile of the Whisky?

Because the Whisky is already matured for so long in American and European Casks it already has a rich and intense flavour. The time it spends in Awamori casks elevates the finish and lifts the flavour to a new level, accentuating the mouthfeel characters and zingy herbal notes to create a flavour profile unlike any in the series.

Link to buy - Glenfiddich Yozakura

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