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Valentine's Day at home - Mothercity Liquor

Valentine's Day at home

Skip the stress of having to find the best place, pretentious menus, outdated décor and poor service and opt rather for an intimate day at home. Safely. Whether you’re spending the day alone, with your loved one or your ex, these pairings will definitely set the mood.

We have put together a few pairings that will take your Valentine’s Day from boring to brilliant. If you’re taking the easier route it will be good to know that Champagne is the only wine that pairs with every food. Remove the guess work and get a good bottle of bubbly to compliment your breakfast, lunch or supper. After all, Valentine ’s Day is the perfect day to splurge a little and indulge a lot.

We have put together a few pairings to try:

The cheesy - Bake Camembert cheese in its box and watch it transform into the perfect instant fondue. Add a few of your favourite cheeses, crackers, fruits, preserves and cured meats and enjoy a simple laid back charcuterie board. A lovely glass of champagne or a similar styled sparkling wine just elevates the experience and will leave your date wanting more. Click on the image below to shop bubbly.

The classic – Go to your local supermarket and shop for the best steaks. From our research we can conclude that the thicker the better. Try and find the happy medium between lean and fatty, marbling is always good for flavour but do not choose a steak that is riddled with fat throughout. Serve the steak cooked to your preference and pair with the best full-bodied red wine. The combination is a winner over and over again. Click on the image below to shop red wines. 

The icon – Raw oysters in a half shell. It’s a classic Valentine’s Day aphrodisiac. Pair it with a fresh zesty Sauvignon Blanc. If you or your date aren’t a fan of raw fish, serve some buttery white fish with a white wine that has citrus notes. Click the image below to shop sauvignon blanc's. 

The romantic – Have strawberries plain or cover them in chocolate. Turn it into a date night activity. Once all your strawberries are decorated, sit down and enjoy it with a beautiful fruity Prosecco. This pair makes the perfect dessert. Click on the image below to shop prosecco.

The adventurer – Do a wine tasting at home. Select a few bottles of wine you’ve wanted to try and become a sommelier. Try and see if you’re able to detect the tasting notes. If that seems like too much admin, simply choose which your favourite is. Get some white, milk and dark chocolate and pair it to the best of your ability to your wines. Click the image below to shop all wines. 

Pro tips: Bubbly is often associated with celebration while red wine is linked to romance. You can never go wrong with rosé as the pink colour gives off the feeling of romance. Basically, you cannot go wrong.


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