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The Mothercity Gifting Guide - May 2021 - Mothercity Liquor

The Mothercity Gifting Guide - May 2021

Getting the perfect gift is never an easy job, no matter who you are buying it for. One thing we know for sure is that no one re-gifts alcohol, so you're definitely in the right place!

The Mothercity team has put together a list of our favourite gifting products for different occasions, we hope this helps!

Let's begin with Whisk(e)y!

Pogues - A collaboration between the punk band & West Cork Distillers, led to the creation of this unique Irish Whiskey. It's exceptionally smooth with a rich and nutty sweetness, Irish spring water and barley is used as it is triple-distilled and small batch blended.

It's high single malt content makes it very versatile and easy to drink.

- Produced and bottled in Ireland.

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Sadler's Peaky Blinder Irish Whiskey - If you've watched the series, you'll be familiar with the name. The Bottle features the character of Stephen McHickie, infamously photographed at the age of 25 when he was charged with breaking into a drapers shop, just 11 doors down from his own home.

In England's famous 'Black Country', the Sadler family have been purveyors of the finest beers and spirits since 1861. Over a century's worth of knowledge and passion has led the family to create this bold but exceptionally smooth, triple-distilled, small batch, blended Irish whiskey.

- Double Gold Medal Winner - San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2021

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South African Mini Brandy Box - For the first time ever the remarkable diversity and heritage of South African brandy is being showcased in this carefully curated collection spanning the different regions of our beautiful country.

This tasting journey takes you from the Mothercity through to the Klein Karoo and all the way to Kakamas, with detours through the heart of the Free State & ends in Hartbeesport, North West.

The 12 Brandies included in this box have cumulatively won over 70 International and local awards . This high standard is a testament to the talent of our distillers in capturing the unique essence inherent in the ingredients grown in their specific regions.

The selection of quality pot still brandies range from 3 to 15 years of maturation time in oak barrels.

From "Brandewyn by die braai" to "sipping neat" from a warmed Cognac glass - this collection offers a journey and an education to every brandy drinker!

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Dusk shiraz Gin - A hobby turned business, Stillman Distillery was

established in March of 2018 on a whim that their experimental edge might just be what the industry is lacking. Their mutual fascination with the process of distillation led them to try new things and push the boundaries others have
so easily conformed to. The venture to create spirits that are locally little to
unheard-of, led Stillman Distillery to relocate from the heart of Jo’burg
to the charming town of Paarl. Being situated in such close proximity to the Winelands has had an unexpected influence on the Stillman range of products. 

Which brings us to their Dusk Shiraz Gin. The first in their new range of wine Gins, Dusk Shiraz Gin is a weighty result of its production. Made from a rare and unexpected combination of Shiraz skins, and an influence of wine-making
through the use of American and French Oak, this Gin still pays tribute to the known origins and traditions of Gin distillation. Stillman Distillery's Dusk Shiraz Gin is a deep red in colour and carries a classic Gin palate of Juniper with a
citrus-forward nose. The expression of flavours of black cherry, raspberry and black pepper; and even a subtle hint of vanilla help round off this unexpected take on Gin.

- Click on the picture below to shop nowDusk Shiraz Gin - Mothercity Liquor

Dusk Shiraz Gin - Mothercity Liquor
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