New Quarts on the Market

There’s a reason why Heineken’s 10 year goal is to remain the SECOND largest brewery in the world.

So who is number 1? In 2016 a company called Anheuser-busch Inbev(AbInBev) bought SAB Miller. Together they own over 600 Different Beer brands globally and they are the “Kings” of the brewing world. AbInBev’s brands include; Castle Lager, Black Label and Castle Lite, Corona, Budweiser, Leffe, Hoegaarden, Brutal Fruit, Hansa, Flying Fish and there are MANY more.

The danger with AbInBev being so dominant in the market is the creation of a monopoly forming and South Africa is the perfect example. Little to no competition, extremely difficult barriers to entry and complete control of supply. BUT, that is slowly changing.

Alot happened in 2020, we know, but we’ve got to hand it to the smaller, independent, local breweries. Boundaries were pushed and a couple of newly launched beers are starting to make their mark and upset the giants.

We know, clearly, from Heinekens goals that one single company was never going to be a threat to AbInBev, but now with a few breweries launching their quarts we have competition and a spark of a threat to the monopoly.

The two main threats being Signal Hill (Devil's Peak Brewing Co) with their 600ml Striped Horse Quart and CBC with their 660ml Trueman Lager. Both great tasting premium South African Lagers. 

Other favourites of ours are: Double Dragon 660ml & Kuila Lager 660ml.

Click on the beers below to buy online

Trueman Lager

Striped Horse

Kuila Lager 

Double Dragon 


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